• Idaho's dairy farmers provide string cheese for Idaho schools during standardized testing. Enrollment in the Dairy Does Good program opens soon!

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Where Good Comes From

I grew up in an agriculture community where almost everything that happened depended on the weather, family functions and high-school sports.  Both sides of my family were in the ag business and there were things about … [Read more]

A Time to Appreciate Idaho’s Abundance

I’m not sure why, but while shopping recently at a local warehouse store I stopped and took a look around and thought, “I am literally surrounded by food.” It towered on shelves above me and was heaped onto tables practically as far as the eye could … [Read more]

Fueling for Fun

Great things are happening in schools across Idaho. Hear from Kim Sherrer of Emmett School District and get great ideas about how Fuel Up to Play 60 can be implemented in your school! At the Emmett School District we are excited for our … [Read more]

Milk: A Comfort Food

Got Milk?  I certainly did.  In fact, throughout my unstable upbringing, milk was one of the few constants I could grow to rely on. I was raised with three siblings by our mother, who worked as a teacher and guidance counselor.  Although we were … [Read more]